Master the craft
of telling stories!

Master the craft of telling stories!

1/2 day training

We already know how to tell a good story and we all enjoy it. Don`t you agree? This way we share our experiences, information and remarkable events in our life with the family, friends and colleagues at work. The challenge comes when we forget about the power of storytelling in different situations and all of a sudden, our message does not resonate with the audience.

Let`s master the secrets of telling stories since it is a way to grasp the attention. We transport audiences to different times, places and situations and most of all we share the emotions needed to take any action. Find out the concepts used by the best storytellers around the world and become a memorable storyteller yourself.

You will learn

How everyday stories can help you stand out from the crowd

How to tell a story involving yourself for business purposes

The fundaments of a story structuring

Basic plots and models of narratives

How to embrace easy three-act emotionally moving story

Which stories are the most important to prepare