Speaking out on tech stage

Speaking out
on tech stage

Tech is all around me and so the feeling goes… you know the song right? Technology helps us create experiences, helps us to interact with objects daily and in many ways makes our lives easier.

That’s why I so very much like working on presentation skills at tech companies either big or small, either growing or the booming ones. One of the successful companies is MEWS, the hospitality system of the future.

Because I had a great time working with product managers I would like to share with you a few thoughts what you should always include.

1) Tell a compelling story

“And this is the fifth and the last unique feature.” That is very sweet. But how does it work exactly? When you have just a handful of minutes to pitch, you cannot expect everyone gets the technical description. Instead give an example of how the technology is used in real life.Try to visualize the scene. 

Imagine you fly to a remote destination and once you reach the hotel you are exhausted. surprising everything works and you no longer spend much time waiting in a line. The receptionist welcomes you kindly and that is just what you wished for. Once you are leaving you may feel loved. 

Describing such step by step process makes a story vivid.

2) Add facts and figures

You know. We have many users. Our advanced product version will get you plenty of new features and you will be able to start using it very soon. Ehm. So tell me, how many users you have then? How many features there will be for me? And what does a “soon” mean? The message here is simple. Add facts and figures where you can and where it makes sense. Products bring measurable outcomes. 

Technology saves 30% of time, brings two times more leads and is installed in just four easy steps anyone can do. Technology was validated by 1500 initial customers and the feedback reached 4,5 out of 5. 

You can be specific in terms of numbers but also you can add names and bring some clarity in sometimes very vague environment.

3) Make them part of it

Hey! You are part of it, did you know? Oh, really? I did not know. Tell me more.

The way how to walk your audience through a presentation is catching them and finding a way how to make them involved in your topic. No matter the subject of a presentation, find a common ground.

The funny thing about this point is finding the “bridge” between your listener and your topic. Take anything. You have a time saving innovation. The phrase: 

Hey! The most valuable thing we all have is time, right? 

You got’em. Or you have a tool to make more money. 

Hey! Imagine what all you could do if you had more money. We can make that happen. 

Sold! Or finally you are developing a hospitality management tool. 

Hey! How does it feel to be greeted as you were the best friend. We can make you feel this way in any hotel you go into. I want MEWS system!

Those are the tips I would pinpoint. In short, cutting-edge tech deserves an awesome pitch presentation. Make that happen.



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