Presentations that change the world!

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The audience and its expectations are constantly changing. It is necessary to change the way we present. The main task is to transform minds and hearts, walk the audience through our speech, share a value proposition and at the same time it is to entertain them so that we become a memorable speakers.

Workshops are designed to walk you through very practical concepts for public speaking of all parts like delivery, content and visual communication. In order to make others like you, just become a self-confident speaker who enriches the crowds by new ideas, perspectives and insights. The outcome of this program is making the participants prepared presenters who have the knowledge and the ability to bring a measurable outcomes. Everyone gets an individual development plan and remarks how to grasp their personal brand. Become self-confident speakers and move your whole organisation to a higher level in presentation skills and public speaking.

What you learn:

  • How to plan and manage the whole preparation
  • How to aim presentation for target audiences
  • How to create an experience and include senses
  • How to build strong messaging within the speech
  • How to work with emotions and stories
  • How to present confidently and authentically
  • How to set and manage your personal brand
  • How to get rid of the stage fright and own the stage

How the training goes:

Phase / Intro:

  • We create a shared space for communication (Slack, MS Teams)
  • I send instructions and tips for the first session

Phase / Training 1 (3 hours):

  • Persuasive speech and pitch exercises
  • Personal presentations and practical training
  • 1. individual feedback and remarks

Phase / Training 2 (3 hours):

  • Storytelling in presentations and content
  • Project presentation rehearsal and delivery
  • Audio-video recordings and analysis
  • 2. individual feedback and remarks

Phase / Training 3 (3 hours):

  • Presentation design and slide visualisation exercises
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Project presentation rehearsal and feedback
  • 3. individual feedback and remarks

Phase / Training 4 (3 hours):

  • Company presentation exercise
  • Experience, symbols, senses
  • Final rehearsal and individual recommendations
  • Development and future action planning


8 completely educated participants in storytelling andd presentation skills. Academy provides a thorough insight into the field of public speaking and helps the whole team to rehearse and apply the knowledge many times over. The whole company retains new principles and processes for presentation creation. Individuals get a development plan and clear path for the future.