Pitch that wins bootcamp!

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To have a unicorn in a stable is not enough. The world needs to see your uniqueness and it is up to you to pitch a startup so that it stands out in a very competitive environment. When you get the attention of investors, customers and media your journey will become much easier. In a startup world it is more about the experience and the show you create to lead a spotlight your way.

Speakers that are not afraid to stand up, own the stage and take advantage of every single presentation opportunity are the ones who will be successful. Eventually the participants of this program start to enjoy startup pitching in general and if it is one project or another, the perfect pitching skills will make things happen. Let’s support all the products and solutions that can really change the world for the better!

What you learn:

  • How to sell an idea and vision of a project
  • How to create an impactful presentation
  • How to grasp and keep the attention
  • How to create a memorable experience
  • How to present your uniqueness
  • How to communicate confidently

How the training goes:

Phase / Intro:

  • We create a shared space for communication (Slack, MS Teams)
  • I send instructions and tips for the first session

Phase / Training 1 (2,5 hours):

  • Self-presentation exercise
  • Pitch presentation essentials, tips and tricks
  • 1. individual feedback and remarks

Phase / Training 2 (2,5 hours):

  • Practical exercises and delivery
  • Project presentations
  • Audio-video analysis and feedback
  • 2. Individual feedback and remarks

Phase / Training 3 (2,5 hours):

  • Final rehearsal of project presentation
  • Speaker delivery and final recommendations


6 prepared speakers for a specific event.

Participants of the training will get a thorough feedback and guidance for their presentation. We cover content, design and delivery. The event will be rocked by them with ease and they will shine with a well-rehearsed presentation.