Legendary presentation experience!

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A high-stake presentation means a one-shot opportunity that you can take advantage of. When you are organising an annual staff meeting, you are pitching to investors, making a product launches, preparing press conferences or you simply need to shine on the international stages you better make the best out of it and stand out. Use the chance to touch people hearts, souls and minds so that they change their world-view and make the next steps you want.

Let’s move the audience and make them go “wow”! You as a speaker at the events can perform a great show, can explain difficult topics with a simple story or use an analogy that will stick with the audience forever. You can make people leave the room transformed and make their life better. Let’s do that!


What you get:

  • Prepared speaker for the event
  • Well-structured and story-based presentation content
  • Slide concept ready for graphic finalization
  • Creative ideas and tips for building an experience
  • Audio-video recordings analysis and feedback
  • Individual feedback and recommendations
  • Project management and preparation facilitation
  • Final script tailored for speaker needs

Preparation process:

Phase: Analysis (3 hours)

  • Topic and existing materials analysis
  • Communication and project planning

Phase 1: COMPREHENDING (2,5 hours + 3 hours)

  • Personas creation
  • Target audience analysis
  • Event analysis and planning
  • Goals specification

Phase 2: REFLECTING (2,5 hours + 3 hours)

  • Tailored content creation
  • Messaging and symbols
  • Content summarization and research
  • Storylines preparation

Phase 3: ARCHING (2,5 hours + 4 hours)

  • Main story and storyboarding
  • Presentation structure and outline
  • Script concept creation
  • Content planning and distribution

Phase 4: FINE-TUNING (2,5 hours + 4 hours)

  • Time-distribution and flow preparation
  • Presentation concept finalisation
  • Slide concepts finalisation
  • Script finalisation
  • Presentation rehearsal 1

Phase 5: TRAINING (2,5 hours + 3 hours)

  • Presentation rehearsal 2
  • Individual feedback
  • Audio-video recordings and analysis
  • Questions & Answers preparation

FÁZE: FINALIZACE (2,5 hours)

  • Final presentation rehearsal

Standard time distribution:

  • Concept creation, script writing, feedback – 20 hours (Lukas)
  • Personal meetings- 15 hours (Together)
  • Content creation, implementations, rehearsals – cca 20 hours (You / Participants)

Hour rates of the package:

  • Personal consultation face to face – 118 EUR/hour
  • Personal consultation online – 88 EUR/hour
  • Concept creation and scriptwriting – 60 EUR/hour


Completely prepared, confident speaker with well-rehearsed delivery. Balanced and attractive content together with speech script and slide concept ready for graphic design finalisation. Individual feedback with working materials that the speaker gets as the foundation for all future presentations.