Start pitching anything!

Start pitching anything!

1/2 day training

Imagine one short presentation changes your life. Yes, it can happen anywhere from a conference break, team building activity, official sales pitch to a a one elevator ride with somebody very important. The question we are asking ourselves over again is how to get their attention? Why should they care? How to make yourself memorable? How to get what you want thanks to a presentation? What more, how to achieve all of this thanks to a pitch that is no longer than 90 seconds.

The answer is "start pitching"!  An intensive and highly interactive course covering three essential concepts for becoming a winning communicator. We combine theory with the most entertaining practical exercises that will lift everyone up, literally! As a result, everyone feels that pitching is a discipline for them which they can eventually really enjoy. Start pitching!

You will learn

How to manage one-minute presentation

Basic structure
of a persuasive speech

How to make your
audience listen

How to prepare messages
in your pitch

How to sell and how to be able present anything

How to frame your talk
and make a point