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Presentation and Public speaking skills,
high-stakes pitch coaching & online courses.


I make people great presenters who change the world for the better thanks to presentations, public speaking and the art of storytelling.

Measurable outcomes
of up to 3x success rate improvement

We are reaching goals with local organizations and international Fortune500 clients.

Know-how validated
by 9 years of experience with public speaking

Training content is based on real-life experience with international stages and investor pitches.

Original CRAFT method and 15000 online training participants

The popularity always exceeds 9/10 rating and there were hundreds of presentations created.

My thoughts

Public speaking
Lukáš Hrdlička

Tell them that ladies are better presenters!

Tell them that ladies are better presenters! This post remembers good old times conferences like “Women startup competition 2018 & 2019”. I am reposting an older blog article. Pitching tips are luckily up to date 🙂  Before I went on stage, my other friends (girls) tried to influence my opinions: “Lukas, tell them that of

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Group training
programs & Academy

Make people great presenters at your organization and you will see that they will be able to move the mountains.

Both offline and also online environments are great platform for teaching people how to present and communicate their ideas better. Embrace these skills and join me in on of the presentation skills academy programs tailored for you, your company and your colleagues.


Pitch trainings
& Bootcamps

Support ideas, products and innovative projects in getting funding, acquiring clients and expanding internationally. 

Short persuasive presentations do have their own specifics. I will gladly teach you how to pitch and will prepare group of speakers for an important and memorable presentation. World changing ideas deserve an outstanding pitch.


High-stakes presentation preparation

Reach an outstanding results with your new an investor pitch, sales or motiovational presentation. 

The whole process stands on robust method that has 5 phases and that guarantees a walkthrough of all important areas. The result is a functional persuasive presentation that reaches goals and leaves the audience astonished.


I spoke on TEDxEAL
in Denmark about how
to become a Viking storyteller.

Let's crack the presentations.